Serial how to split


I’m totally new to VVVV which I want to use for my new project. I did read some things and the tutorial about VVVV however I don’t get the things working like I want them to do:

My situation:
I have a Microcontroller that sends frames via RS232.The microcontroller is hooked up to 64 light sensors that give a value (0 to 1023) to the microcontroller.

The frames look like this:
A character 0 and 13 (CR) is send after each line.

What I want to do: I want to display an “image” of the 8x8 values in grayscale squares. The first value of a line of the serial connection shows the row the other 8 are values of that row.

Can somebody help me out with this. At the moment I’m even stuck at the point of reading out the RS232: The node seems to split a paket even before a CR is received…

make sure to know the Separator (string) and the Tokenizer node. See this and that post.


I solved the problem, however I encouter something very strange:
I have multiple Switch nodes, however the values stay at 0 until I watch them with Herr Inspector. Why is this?

What kind of switches? maybe you found one of the rare bugs :)


I did get everythink working like it should today, however when I opened the file again lateron today all my IOboxes where empty (the values where gone and yes the xml file is still there) Does anybody know how this can happen? And how I can fix it? (I attatched both files)

touchscreen.rar (18.6 kB)

WOW WOW WOW!! You should learn your spreads!!

Only IOboxes that have NO input connected will hold their values if you save a patch (in your case Box size, H-Spacer etc…)
(for me they have values!!)

So this means, when you start your patch, everything connected to the RS232 node and down is empty, until you start up your lightsensor and you microprosesor is sending some values.

2 Things,

  • skip the Roundrect/GDI stuff, try and use DX9 (Quads and Pillows) because GDI is eating processor power!! (and if use a filetexture, DX9 is way more beautifull, well, unless you love retro… hmzz…)

  • If you learn how to work with spreads, you will not have to copy every node 9 times!!

Ow, working in Greyscale, better use the Value pin of an HSV node, (than you can even use color ;)!)

edit: Check this and see the power off spreads!! (the big IOBoxes are just for show, dlete them if you want)

TouchSensorSplitStuff.v4p (26.0 kB)

wow, its long ago that i saw a patch like this.
my 3Ghz pc almost felt like freezing.

what you should do at very first: read everything about _spreads_

i am very sure that you only need some more than 1/64 of the 356 nodes you used.

you made excessive use of ((Switch (Value) which i never used because of its, ahem , well known buggy behaviour. no more comments to this right now.

the xml-file is just kind of safety copy of your patch before you saved it. rename the end into v4p and you can run it.

sorry, i can’t have a deeper look right now.
go into _spreads_ and for sure you instantly will rework your patch.

btw.: are you from the netherlands?