Sequencer 2d (Animation)

I’ve built a 2d sequencer, I would like some feedback as there’s probably easier ways to do what I’ve done, and perhaps cleaner. I really wanted to have a switch so that one could delete unwanted points as well, but that’s version two.

This module is an advanced version of the sequencer. With this you can input mouse points based on frame number into a spread, then the lfo inside the sequencer plays the frames back.

Sequencer 2d.rar (4.7 kB)

Been a while since you posted this.

I used your patch to ‘draw’ the route of an flying object, and than I used it in a simple timeline. Just wanted to say that, nice work.

One weird thing in your Module is that when you click once, the queue remembers 2 location, so I ended up with the double ammount of x-y coordinates, but a Resample sollved that one.

Only quick way to fix that was to rewrite the whole patch, wich I didn’t.

So, just a qucik thnx for the patch (respect afterall ;) )