Sequence off Nodes in the selection list

When you create a node, like SetSlice (Spreads), I double click in my patch, and start typing S,E,T,S, and than I use the mouse to click on Setslice (Value). Nothing strange here.

The thing that bugs me is that when I want to create a * (Value) node, I type * and than need to scroll down to find the * (Value) one. I am pretty sure people use the * (Value) node a bit more than for example a * (4D Vector).

So, I assume the nodes are sorted Alphabetical, and the nasty bit is that the V from Value always seems to come last.

To speed up patching time, is there anyway to customize the list? or make all the (value) ones appear first?

Specially the new Create/Set NILL modules are bringing my patching speed down significantly ;)

hola west,

this is a long known problem and i dont see anything you could do about it other than bugging here. it is annoying us ever since. just the pressure to fix it was not yet high enough…

huh. now after >5 years i just did it. still baffled…

if there are multiple nodes with the same name in different categories they are now sorted like this:

  • Value
  • Spreads
  • Animation
  • String
  • Color

any further sorting suggestions?

Wow Joreg, you are the man, thnx soo much…

Can’t think off anything else for the sorting list, hope this works like I hope…