Seperating a piece of a video stream

i would like to feed my vvvv machine with a video signal and split it to some creens. So i need any method to seperate a piece of the video stream, for example 200x300 pixels in the middle of a pal signal and sending it to one gpu output.

Getting the video signal and sendig it via Video Renderer and a Quad to the Renderer(EX9) is already running.

Thanks a lot!

have you try to put uniform scale on quad’s texture transformation pin?

You say you have it running on a quad in a renderer, what happens when you go full screen with that renderer across your screens? Are you’re screens setup as a span or singles?

The Quad has 2 transform pins, the left one is transforming the quad it self, and the second one ‘texture transform’ is transforming your texture on that quad.

So what you want to do to ‘zoom in’ on your texture on your quad, is connecting a standard transform (transform 2D) to the transform texture pin of that quad, and than scale it down. (thus zooming in)

Standard Pal is 720 by 576 pixels, you want 200 by 300 pixels, so a scale off (200/720) by (300/576) would work here.

The texture on your Quad will always look the same, the way your quad looks (the shape) depands on your fullscreen setting. (but just try it)

You can use the same texture on different quads, to show different places of your source texture on different locations on the screen. But ‘please understand your spreads’ before you go out and make 10 quads and 20 transform nodes!!! (making a spread means you can do it all with 1 quad and 2 transforms)

Hope it helps :)

edit: I was wondering if you are able to make a seperate 200x300 output, and even so, what 200x300 pixeled screens are you using??

ZoomIn.v4p (10.7 kB)

thanks for your answers!
So my target is:
I get a Pal Signal on a TV-card as source. Now i stack lots of oldschool TVs together, so they together build a “Screen”. Maybe i combine it with a projection.
I know that when i cut out the part for one of these TVs i have to interpolate it to the PAL out to the TV.
I hope now you better understand what i want to do.
I don’t know…is a quad the only and/or most efficient way for my task?
Big thanks!

PS: Thanks, West! Your Patch helps a lot!

What you want to do is called a videowall (I think), and creating that has not so much to do with vvvv patching, but with HARDWARE.

How do you think you would physically connect your computer to all those TV screens, giving each a separate signal? Without some (very expensive) hardware, aka videowall controllers, I am afraid this is not seems possible.

Using some front end projecting, and thus faking the videowall with one projector seems the cheapest way, regarding you have the space in front off your TV’s to project on…