Separate tab string

Hi guys ,

i was trying to get the the data from a csv (text) tab , something like this ;

1995 1996 1997
1010 1020 100
1234 1212 200

so what i need is to get a diferent spreads of every column in the example i should get 3 spreads of 3 slices each .

i have no idea how to do that ,


there is a tab between every coulmn somehow it did not leave on last message ;

1995 1996 1997
1010 1020 100
1234 1212 200

I assume you can split the string to 1 9-slice spread yourself.

Trick is to use Vector (3D split) to get your collums!!

I attached how I did it, not sure about the Tabs (isn’t a preset off the seperate node). Also attached a Vector Split patch you can adjust to any size you need. Good luck.

Seperate Data AND Vector Split.v4p (19.3 kB)

Dear West,

Separate (String) doesn’t offer TAB as an intersperse.

but you can cheat it with Substitute (String)

Substitute.v4p (11.4 kB)

Wow, didn’t know about the Herr Inspector’s Show Characters :)

Good call on subsistute too!! (think I use some off this for my tricks page ;) )

thanks a lot guys for the replys ,

i still have a little problem when

load test2.txt which is the kalle example i have the problem to split into the 4 tabs for every column .

i do not know how many tabs i,ll have , probably many .

for 2 tabs i used the getoddeven from kalle but for more tabs i do not know how to do it , any tip , do you understand what i mean ?

thanks ;D

substitiute_tab.rar (6.5 kB)

do you mean this, maybe?

doesn’t looks very elegant thou… there must be a nicer solution, too. (3.6 kB)

hello woei

your patch works very well so far , and also nice to see how to modify the stallone automaticly ,

thanks to all ;D