Separate flash layers to separate quads?

How do I run separate layers in Flash to separate quads in vvvv?

The Renderer (Flash) will only output the final composite frame. So you dont have access to individual layers.

You could modify your flash application to accept an input parameter to select which one of the individual layers to display. Then use multiple Flash renderers.

How would I do that? Im running Adobe Flash… Will that allow for multiple simultaneous layers to be displayed (in multiple quads) ?

In the end result I just want to be able to manipulate each quad individually…

flash is a texture in vvvv. just pixels, no meta information.
you need a flash-renderer for each layer as oschatz said.

another way would be a big flash project which has all the content you want, next to each other and you cut the elements via texture transform to different quads.

if i run a flash renderer for each quad can I set each renderer to display a different layer for each one simultaneously?

yes, each flash renderer can diplay another flash file.

I want to send separate layers directly from flash to vvvv in real time while the two software’s are running… This way I can build my patch without having to keep creating swf files…