Separate doesn t read last empty value

using Separate (for example to read a csv file):


outputs a spread of 6 where it should be a spread of 7


(one more space after the last coma)
reads correctly, same as



i set the current version of Separate (String) to legacy and added one that fixes this and some other issues.

Therefore when you open an old patch with vvvv >=33.9 it will still use the old separate to keep its behavior. if you want the new behavior replace that legacy node with the new one that shows up in the nodebrowser…

available now in latest alpha downloads. reports welcome.


is there anything I didn’t understand with this new Separate node ?


same behaviour here with 34.1 … seems broken.
Not all characters are broken though, see attached patch.

(obviously not all enums share the same name)

SeparateTest.v4p (6.9 kB)

thanks for pointing that out! please test with latest alpha and report.

works fine for me!