Sending values

Hi guys,

2 Simple question.

I want to use SetIO to transfer a value across a patch. I copy paste the example patch in my own patch, and for some reason it doesnt work anymore. Any ideas why? I am guessing something with the PatchAlias?

I also tried to use the S and R nodes, but all the R nodes I create, receive the data of the first S node I made. How do I make corresponding S and R nodes?



Hi doros. You have to create an io enum to connect to r node and select the variable

Hi Karistouf,

Thanks got it working.
Any idea about the setIO node?

hi dorosp,

you are right concerning the patch alias.

making it work depends on the hierarchy of your patch.

first, your patches should be saved and one of them residing in the other.
now there are two possibilities:

A) setIO node is in the parent patch

select the sub patch with the named ioboxes in it and enable the patch pin inside the inspektor. use this patch output as the Patch input in setIO.

B) setIO node is in the child/sub patch

use PatchAlias connected to setIO and set the Parent Level to 1 or higher depending on the nesting deepness.

somehow defies the ease of use, maybe there’s a better way to it.

alternatively you could ask someone to watch out for changing values and let him/her enter them manually. be prepared for some delay and occasional typing errors.

(edited some confusion out of this - left some in)