Sending two TCP Packages to the same port seperately...and fast?

Hi Forum,
I am reveiving a few data packages in my patch. I process that data and in the end I do have two values that I need to send via TCP/IP to a receiver.
Both packages have to be send seperately and to the same port.
So of course I can not open that port twice. So I would have to close the port after the first message was sent and then go for the next one.
But I do not get any feedback from my TCP node, or?
Is there a clever workaround or solution that I do not see right now?
I could also send raw Hex Data and than just send one message, but that would get way more complex and I’d like to avoid that…



hm. not exactly sure what you mean. what is a “package”? just a string, right? so you have two strings to send? try sending them as a spread or in 2 consecutive frames.

Hi Joreg,
sorry, with package I meant a network package, but its a String yes.
I do have a frame delay now in front of one TCP node. I did not have the chance to check if this is suitable for the end device that I am trying to control (Its a DMX4all LAN to DMX converter).

If I would use a spread, it would send both values in one message? Because this is what the dmx converter does not understand…

I’ll upload the patch to this post…

Thanks a lot!


patch upload.rar (3.2 kB)

doesn’t your interface understand artnet? i think it does… if i’m right, you can simply use DMX (Network Artnet Sender).