Sending RGB Values Via UDP

Ive been playing and made a quick patch to send RGB values over UDP.I can sort and encode the spread of the 3 values in to HEX and it appears to be sending OK.
I am stuck trying to decode the hex values receive into the correct numerical values.

I’m using the Ord node to decode the Hex values but am not convinced Im using it correctly.
Can anyone give some advice on this?

Oh, and I’ve attached the patch.

Transmit RGB.v4p (12.0 kB)

You where so close ;)

Not sure whether to use the 8 or 16 bit hex, but do know it is unsigned.

" An integer can be signed or unsigned. A signed integer can have either positive or negative values. An unsigned integer can only be positive. "

Your final step should have been to map your values back for 0-255 to 0-1 and you where ready!!

If you are going to send/receive more than 1 color, it is more wise to SwapDim (spread) your values. This way you always have RGB next to eachother. Example: RGBRGBRGB and NOT RRRGGGBBB.

RGBHEx.v4p (17.7 kB)

Hi West, thats awesome, another few bits of knowledge. Yeah the plan is to send LOTS of color values over UDP, although i tried to send the values via udp in you patch and must be doing something wrong. Its such a learning curve but fun!

Here is the larger patch Im working on for the LED wall project. :-)

Im going to take a look at SwapDim(spread) now.

Oh…and I’ve just bought a shiney new Enttec USB DMX Pro which should arrive next week.exciting;-)

Edited: Fixed the RGB to spreads (it was wrong :-s)

SinglePanelMap.v4p (25.0 kB)

Yo Digi, when I put some standard Colorspread in your patch, the RGB sliders tell me a different color. I attached what I mean with the swapdim.

Cool about the DMX dongle, are you panels going to use DMX? Than it would be smarter to get an Fat-ass Artnet box, bot performance and Pricewise.

SwapColorzz.v4p (18.8 kB)

Ahhh! I see! West you are becoming somewhat of a Guru! I see where i was going wrong, and how to use swapdim now!

The Enttec dong is just to play with all of the DXM lights in the theatre here ;-), (and learn more about VVVV & DMX)

Cheers again!