Sending more than 1 universe with Artnet

manuel: How do you send more than 1 universe with artnet nodes??

sebl: with more than 1 artnet node

manuel: Oh, but how do you send that to a hardware, does it has more than 1 ip ?

If I try to send it to broadcast, only one node sends values

artnet.v4p (10.7 kB)

If you inspect the node, you’ll see universe and subnet pins, just change the universe and your done, you don’t need to worry about the ip, leave it on default

I see now. didn’t notice that configuration pins
now I get it


never work without Inspektor!

but don’t believe everything: there are only 16 universes on each of the only 16 subnets available.
even if the inspector wants to make you believe of more.