Sending midivalues to midicontroller to set states

Hey there merry xmas ;)

i recently bought the midifighter twister and was thinking about if it is possible to set controller states on the twister with the help of vvvv.
In my mind it should be working like a new (pre)set of values that would be loaded into the twister with only one button pressed.
For example: all 16 knobs on the twister have different values but if i press one button in vvvv or VL a spread of 16 predeterminend values of 0.38 would be send to the twister and the every knob would jump to that value.

Is that generally possible in VL??



did you read this blog post yet?

yea i read that and i thought it would be easy peasy.
turns out it actually is but yesterday it wasnt meant supposed to happen, dont know why^^

today i did everything the same as yesterday and it worked perfectly.


good to hear! also, you might want to enable text anti-aliasing in your windows settings ;)

ah somewhere and sometime in the internet i found that this would be better for perfomance ^^

“better for performance” is relative, probably lass than 1% on modern CPUs. a small price to pay for comfortable reading…

thats right!

as i was searching for better performance solutions i forgot to reset this ;)

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