Sending Midi Notes to Kontakt and getting the Kontakts Output back to vvvv


I have this Problem I couldn’t solve for weeks. I hope you can maybe help me with it.
I am making a Virtual Reality Music Instrument for the VIVE and it already works so far, that I can move the controller in certain ways to send and play Midi notes via Kontakt 5. That’s fine and cool. But now the problem is, that I want to get the Audio Output of Kontakt back into vvvv, so that I can make further a adjustments to the sound, for example, I want to filter it with HRTF depending on the controller coordinates, for that one hears the notes from the direction, where one holds the controller at that time.

When I load the Kontakt 5 dll into the VSTHost Node in vvvv and open its GUI, it shows neither the Midi Section in the Settings nore the Pianokeys when I load an Instrument. So I guess VSTHost is only for Audio processing VSTs and not for Midi Instruments. (?)

I can use Kontakt 5 as Standalone Version and send Midi Signals to it from vvvv. But then I get a lot of trouble with the ASIO driver, since it can only support one application at a time. I tried to use Steinbergs ASIO Multiserver, thats suppposed to be an ASIO Multi Client Wrapper for such purposes, but I cannot choose it as the Audio Driver neither in vvvv nore in Kontakt. (doesn’t show in the list)
I tried to use Asio Bridge Virtual Audio Cable to send the Output from Kontakt back but then again Kontakt and the Output of Asio Bridge cancel each other out.

In the end I could try a workaround, using a second computer just for the VST Instrument with two Audio Interfaces to send Midi and receive Audio. I think it could work, but ofcourse I’d rather have it all on one computer.

Any Ideas?

this is the normal behavior of vst plugins, the midi part is handled by the host, not the plugin.
if you inspect the VSTHost node you will see midi input and output pins. there you can connect the midi events. Have a look at MidiIn in the VAudio category.

your other approaches will introduce latency which is a problem for instruments. so try to stick with ASIO4All, low buffer size and all in one application using the midi nodes in vvvv.

Yeah! It works and it was so simple! Thank you so much!
I should have used the forum earlier… ^^

your welcome, the forum is quite active and helpful. also don’t worry about asking beginner level questions.

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