Sending MIDI Clock

I created a patch uses an LFO and a TogEdge to drive the MIDIShortOut sending message 248(decimal) which is the MIDI clock signal.

MIDI clock is a MIDI message that is sent 24 times for each quarter note (in other terms for each beat.)

A MIDI clock slave counts the number of Clock messages in a given minute (well, some fraction of a minute, but for simplicity’s sake, let’s call it a minute,) and divides that count by 24 to get the Beats Per Minute (BPM.) ( as a note, some slaves seem to ditch 23 messages and only count the 24th.)

Here’s my problem. The existing MIDI tools send continously while enabled at what I assume is their max speed (on my computer.) This equates to a steady 1800 messages a minute (30/sec) resulting in a MIDI clock signal equivalent to 75 BPM. I can’t get it to go any faster and I need to be able to reliably send in the 160 BPM range.

Here are my questions:

  1. Is there a way to use any existing MIDI tool in vvvv in a one shot rather than continous mode?
  2. Is there a way to use any existing MIDI tool in vvvv to send at a rate higher than 30 messages/sec? (yes, I know this is computer dependent, but I’m using a 2.4GHz machine already.
  3. Is there an existing MIDI clock (send) solution in vvvv?

The eventual goal, which may not be feasible at this time, is to gen up a tool to convert audio->MIDI Clock to drive the BPM count on my Edirol V-4 off an audio line feed or mic. The beat detection stuff seems fine in vvvv, it’s generating a well formatted MIDI signal that’s stumping me.


I just can say that actually there is no node to generate a midi clock…
BUT a node create by tonfilm is already finish for the next beta
The next beta will be avaible soon

btw.: poprivet is a pretty cool username…

Thanks. My lifestyle involves a lot of hot-melt glue, duct-tape and poprivets ;-) (both literally and figuratively.)

I have deferred the problem by determining that the shareware DJ tool, djDecks ( $30USD EUR27) will take an audio signal from an ASIO source, calc BPM and output it as MIDI Clock. It’s a wonderful tool for this purpose.

Now I’m engaging in a broader voyage of vvvv discovery. This is an astonishing tool. I’ve worked with a LOT of graphical programming environments and the performance, robustness and flexibility here blow me away. I work on the OpenTZT VJ tool SourceForge project (as VJ WYSIWYG/tdeagan) and am now really thinking hard about hooking the vvvv output into it (it’s a DirectX based tool as well.)


That was me being too dense to login before replying.

the node sanch meant was the MidiClock (Devices) node, but its only an input. right now, there is no good way to send a midi clock from vvvv.
the best place for it would be midi sync support for the Timeliner plugin…

i once considered using/improving the Beatdetection module(s) that float around here, but since have gone the hardware route to save processing power: the redsound soundbite micro device works quite well and midiclock is routed via my midicontroller to vvvv/MidiClock node… beat synched visuals rock!
only thing: i noticed strange behaviour with the beat type and beats per measure pins, but that may be due to my at that time still shaky setup…