Sending data from vvvv

how can I send data (values) from vvvv to another program such as 3ds max ?
please help me ??

you should realize that your question is too general, right?

general ideas can be found here: io

try again being more specific.

I use vvvv to track a red light and return x,y,z of this led using two cams.
These position will be an input values to 3d max.
what is the best way to send these values from vvvv to 3d max?

I m not 3dsmax but i have a related project with blender
In blender you can open a server and receive data ( like osc or what else) from ethernet
This is done thruth python scripting inside blender and is usable in the game engine
Same thing should be doable in 3dsmax scripting module
But surely up to you to code decode data in your own protocol and then using this variables to do what you need

If its on same computer host is your friend