Sending a spread of transforms to a Quad node

hi… sorry about the incredibly newbie nature of my question here.

i’ve attached a patch where i’ve got a quad moving to random x positions in the render window. the next thing i wanted to do was have a bunch of quads all moving to their own random positions so i connected my random numbers to a linear spread and connected that to an IOBox and i can see that i’m generating 10 different numbers, but when i plug the output into the TranslateX pin on my Transform node, it just makes 10 quads (slightly staggered) all moving to the same relative positions. can someone tell me the proper way to do this? thanks.


movingQuad.v4p (6.5 kB)

looks like i’ve found a solution to my problem although i don’t think its the ideal or the most flexible way to do it.

i’ve put an IOBox between my Change node and my Random node. The IOBox has been set to have 10 columns so that it outputs 10 slices to the Random node which in turn outputs 10 random numbers. However, using this method to my knowledge, the only way to change the number of slices that the IOBox outputs is through the Inspektor. Is there another node I can use that can have its slice count dynamically changed through an input pin? Thanks.

the trick is to generate not only one random value.

but you have to tell the random node…

you generated just one random value and then moved the complete linearspread. but you don’t want to have equally distributed values (which you create with the linearspread).

or in other words: you created the spread one step too late.

so one possibility is to use the combination of linearspread nad rnadom node or just the randomspread node (which is probably the best in this case)


movingQuad.v4p (7.5 kB)

one posibility would be to spread the input of the Random node, the other is to use a RandomSpread and change the Random Seed:

movingQuad2.v4p (8.3 kB)

many thanks, guys. that was very helpful.