Send subpatch to renderer

I´m new in vvvv, and i want to know if:

Is it possible to use a patch like a module or subpatch, and connect it to an external renderer node?

I want to use diferents patches with the same render node, switching between them, is that possible?
These are big patches and i only need some controls of each one, visible.
the other solution is to do a “megapatch” with all my live set, but that wouldn´t be an elegant solution.

Thanks and sorry for my english ;)

I´ve figured it out!!

Using the IO boxes to send out the Shader Output.

hehe that’s what i wanted to suggest…i work the same way.
if you want/need a “Videomixer” for your patches try mine. it should be working as is… (3.6 kB)

Hi bilderbuchi, thanks for your patch ;)

I´m going to try it

Greetings from teneriffa.