Send subpatch instance id and recieve only by childs in that certain instance

created a new entry because i tagged the
old one as solved, so no one is looking again it feels.

In my Root patch i have 3 instaces of one subpatch,
inside them i load other patches dynamicly, so i want to use
Send and an Recieve nodes.

In those patches i need to know in wich instance they are embbed,
so a “self” node is perfect, but i cant simply send them because the
child nodes need to recieve the right id based on the information where they are embed.

is that somehow understandable?

here is a grafic:

it sounds like you need an additional input on your subpatch where you input a string/number ID to tell the subpatch which one it is. then in the places you use them you input a constant ID into the patches.

so that means its not possible?

it could be something like a structure tree/path that shows the whole chain,
that i could deconstruct then…

i just saw that send nodes in sub patches will create an entry for each instance,
so here maybe could filter the right one out…


in any case this is a worst idea ever, it might mess up on it’s own and you won’t even notice


thougth the opppsite

i think the graph interface of the plugin interface can do such things.
you can write a SelfAddress node in C#. @woei and @joreg might know how that works.

IPluginHost2 FHost;

string myNodePath;
FHost.GetNodePath(false, out myNodePath); //returns node ids up from root
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will try,

but <3 <3 <3 for now

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