Send MIDI clock

Seems we still miss a decent way to send a MIDI clock signal from vvvv.
Was hoping that with the new plugins life could be easer, found a MIDI lib. but no idea hoow to go from there.

Found this old post: (8 years ago)

Receiving works, but I would like to use vvvv to be the boss :)

hei west,

vvvv is already shipping with that midi-library. timeliner is using it for its miditrack and i think vux also is using it in one of his plugins (not sure which).

having a quick look at the site i don’t see the library having specific midi-clock-send functionality. it more seems to me as if sending a clock is nothing more then sending a special midi-message, which should be among those:

so probably all is there already and only needs to be stiched together. probably the timing you get out of vvvv by default will not be very smooth but that could be solvable by running that thing in an extra thread in the plugin.

probably you can even just use MidiSysexOutput (Devices) for your initial tests.

Yeh, tried it with Sysex, but you need insane timed LFO’s, cozz it requeres 24 bangs for every beat/count.

So that would be an LFO set to 0.5/24 = 0.0208 for a 120 BPM. Not work able in vvvv.

i’m sure it’s somehow possible
i never seen device you can send midi clock on to, prolly a mixer
guess it’s better to operate on driver
sure good idea to ask if they now how to send midi clock from device, manufacturer?