Send keyboard to another computer

Hi everyone!

I need to use a node SendKeyboard from computer1 to computer2.
So that controlling this node and sending the keyboard will be reflected on another computer.

I watched: UDP, NetSend, ArtNet… but I don’t know how to do it.

please can you advise me

If you are in the same local area network (LAN, WLAN) a very simple way is to send any datatype from Computer1 to Computer2 is to use OSC:
Send: HowTo Send OSC Messages - YouTube
Receive: HowTo Receive OSC Messages - YouTube

Or just check the corresponding help patches for OSC.

thank you

is there a possibility that there is no vvvv reciver on the computer2 ?

There are also other apps which are able to receive and/or send osc, but of course you will need a piece of software which can catch and process your data.

what will be your scenario? what do you want to do on computer2 with the received key data?

If it should simulate a system keyboard I’m not aware of a solution but would be interesting.


on computer2 the PC game will start, from computer1 I want to send the keyboards via vvvv.

“We” did something similar at meso (~10 years ago?) using VNC.
Ultra-VNC was installed on the client (the machine receiving the mouse/kb) and I believe the sender was using VNCSharp - which is no longer maintained - and @phlegma wrote the node for it iirc. It was only used to control/demo a simple desktop application provided by the client, so input-lag wasn’t that important, but most likely you wouldn’t want to play a “PC game” like this. If you want to give it a try anyways this library looks promising.

If you don’t want to install additional software on the remote machine another way might be RDP, using something like FreeRDP / FreeRDP-Sharp for example.

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