Send Email not work

Hello everybody and vvvvorum!
I’m trying to send an email through SendEmail, but it is not working.
I connect to the mail and send mail.ru, but nothing comes.
I used gmail POP3 fetching
Plz Help, what’s the problem?
Thanks =)

Google does not allow for “less secure application” to connect to gmail servers.
The other day I had to - in order to set up a Win Live Mail:

  • enable pop in gmail: settings > imap pop something like that
  • enable the use of less secure applications

Maybe this helps

Yes Google complains about suspicious programs.
What works Win Live Mail good or not?
Thank h99

oh yes, Gmail working thanks)))

I have one more question:
How to transfer textures in the mail?

If I’m not wrong, either writing an html text with a <img src=""…> tag or via Attachment should work… But I can’t really recall.