Send Email Kalle's node how to configure?

Hi people,

i´m trying to use the Kalle´s send email module, but i don´t know how.
i´m confused about the “server” and “port”.
Has anybody a running example, or an explanation?

btw, is there a facebook version or something like that? i haven´t found it…

thanks a lot


hey ari,

search the instructions of you email provider for the SMTP settings.
that shoulder answer the questions regarding port and server

Thanks Kalle, i´ll check it

Hi Kalle,

i can send only the message, when i attach files it doesn´t work, also the same with the update of sendEmail-v156.
am i missing something?



It seems to be a problem with the gmail server, i have to check it with other…

hi lasal

seems i know what you are doing with keyboard input in renderer and sendmail ;)

try to quote path for attachment file. for me it works perfect with gmail.

Hi bo7,

yeah you´ve got me ;)

I´ve tryied your solution but it doesn´t work, every time i use a file in the attachment it doesn´t send anything.

Port 587

Any idea?

@bo7: could you show me your patch? maybe i´m missing something.


I´ve got it.

the patchname was too long, when i put it directly on c: it works ;)

thanks again.


just saw your post. yeah, i can notice 3 troubles with that:

  1. too long command line. since sendEmail app is command line tool it shoud has some ms-dos restriction on line length. (not remember exactly number of characters)
    best way to keep it short - use text file for email body
  2. non-latin characters in paths (like russian or german in /Document and Setting/users/blal-bla-bla/Desktop)
  1. spaces. you need to quote paths with spaces, e.g. c:\filename.txt works, but “c:\file name.jpg” works only in quotes