Send Artnet to 16x16 Matrix - Zigzag

I’m trying to duplicate something that I’ve been using in VVVV over to gamma.

Output to a 16x16 LED matrix from a skia renderer, each row of 16 is reversed.

I’ve created a pretty hacky zigzag output, but something isn’t quite right with how the pipet is outputting the values to the pixels. The renderer is accurately representing what I am seeing on the LED’s, so something I’m missing with the pipet perhaps?

Send Artnet to 16 x 16 Matrix - Zig Zag.vl (64.4 KB)

Got this working pretty well, but could probably get tidied up, but would make a nice help patch I think for ARTNET.

I realized my issue was that the sample positions are in UV space, so had to map the positions into the pipet differently from the output to the visualization.

Next step is to add more matrixes, I’ve been working with Pixelblaze units that have some great presets for adding additional matrixes to build larger walls, would be awesome to have similar functionality in VL.

Send Artnet to 16 x 16 Matrix - Zig Zag Working- 002.vl (69.9 KB)

check out the swapDim node. maybe it is what you are looking for

Thats what I was using pre gamma, is there an equivalent node in VL?

sorry, I thought this was the beta forum.


I would do it like this: splitting the spread into subspread for reach row and then reversing the odd ones. maybe there is a nicer way to generate spreads for reach row? also interested in the nicest solution

Have not actually tried but maybe GroupBy would help there?

Hmmm, haven’t used groupby before will have a play. I mashed up schlonzo’s in with bj-rn idea of integrating it into the gridspread node itself.

Definitely looks a lot tidier!

nice teamplay ^^

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