Selection of the slice indice


there is a deviation between the outcome of my data filtering by intervalls (assigning a certain color and vector thickness) and the vector visualization result in the renderer. (The filtering procedure is correct!).

The only node steps between filter operation and rendering are the Phongdirectional node, the vector ccordinates, cylinder and the s+h/cons nodes.
The dismatch is seen right down at the bottom, between the IObox color/value advanced and the render results. The dismatch is a little difficult to see, because sometimes the vectors are changing fast, or because they seem to randomly match.
(Hope you figure it out without a subpatch).

Has somebody an idea what went wrong?

matching (20.8 kB)

OK, here everything again with subpatches!

First bang the reader in the start patch.
Than the mismatch problem is seen in the visualizing subpatch.

Many thanks sueniii

matching error (20.0 kB)

Hej, seems that I could solve the problem.

First revising unequal slice indices in some nodes, I found out that of my 15 visible vectors always the incoming slice is visualized (last slice/indice of the table), but got confused because I only looked at the first slice (according to the IObox). As well in my sonification of the magnitude, here the first slice value got selected, so I had wrong sounds.
But visualization is correct.

What I did is, I made an addition with the selected indices of the magnitude slices: x +( 15-1), f.e. instead of slice 1 I now get slice 15.
Now color, thickness, coordinates and magnitude sound point to the last slice of the 15 and seem to match.