Select (Transform)

Hi all

When making modules, especially using the grid nodes, I frequently find myself scratching the back of my head to make such a module spreadable in a meaningful way.

a Select (Transform) would make such an effort much easier instead of making funky get/set-matrix manipulations.

Perhaps a Select (Node) would also be handy.

or do you guys have another way around this?

all the best


ai sune,

are you aware of the BinSize pin on the IOBox (Node) ? that does at least point resampling of transforms…

Hep joreg

Nop, I was not aware of the BinSize pin on the IOBox (Node)… I am now. tried it out and it work almost like I would use select… although I can still see some uses where a Select (Transform) or Select (Node) could be useful.

So I keep wishing… but not as much as a moment ago :)

For Select (Node):

that should do the job :)