Select (SQLite) outputs String "System.Byte[]" for BLOB type fields

Hi everyone,
if a field has a BLOB value (binary data) in a SQLite database, the corresponding output pin has type string and is always set to “System.Byte[]” regardless of the data contained in the database. Would be nice if this could become a Raw pin or at least a hex representation of the data.
I hope this is the right place to report addonpack bugs.
Anyway, keep patchin’,

hei geloescht,

in such a case it is always good to figure out who initially created the node and mention them here, so they have a chance to see your problem. so in this case you could ask @vux if he’d be up fixing this.

but even better of course, use the power of opensource and contribute a fix yourself or find someone who could do so. quickly browsing the sourcecode it seems to me the problem is here:

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