Segment in 3d or Hollow Cylinder -> 3D Ring

Hey you vvvv-pros :)

I really like vvvv and after some time I managed to handle at least some of it.
However, I’m stuck with one problem:

I want to render a Cylinder that has both inner and outer radius. Call it a tube if you want. Segment brings all I need, except for an extrusion in the z-axis…
Cylinder has no option for an inner radius and the torus is round (i tried to reduce the resoution but it ended up as cone).

Any ideas?

Thank you so much!

pick a 3d editing software and draw it there then export/import. Blender, for example is free.

Thanks! I will try this!

So there’s no possibility to do this in vvvv? Seemed like a generic 3d shape for me…

Would it be possible to do something like this directly in vvvv? Like, ‘cut out’ one mesh out of another, something like a 3d composite operation?

Creating the meshes in an external 3D editing software might work for some cases, but seems unflexible to me, for example whenever you need to change the inner radius in the example above.

You could also try doing it the generative way

Not exactely the same but should bring you on the route:

Thank you so much!!!