Second screen resize by mouse

When working with the second external screen, i want resize the Outside window {DirectXRenderer {Renderer (EX9)} & [Alt+1]}. At this point, you have to manually edit the Renderer.v4p file. Can I program the procedure in such a way that me the size and position of the external window from the program (using the mouse slider)?

При работе со вторым внешним экраном необходимо изменять размер окна {DirectXRenderer {Renderer (EX9)} the Outside window [Alt+1]}. В данный момент приходится вручную редактировать файл Renderer.v4p. Можно ли как запрограммировать процедуру таким образом, чтобы меня размер и положение внешнего окна из программы (при помощи бегунка мыши)?

(!) very good, but not exist the program resizing

WindowHandler 1.0

WindowHandler (VVVV)
control your vvvv windows
resize and position windows via numbers or shortcuts
find lost windows
activate a taskbar icons for individual windows

for more info hover gui items for tooltips or read below

  • some filters on the top: Patch, Renderer, GUIs and Editors

  • lists all open vvvv windows (based on the filters):
    toggle to show in the taskbar (also enables the windows shortcuts)
    hover to see current position/bounds

    select and have some shortcuts:
    ‘F’ to focus
    ‘1’…‘9’ to move to that screen (useful if they’re lost when opening with different screen config
    arrow keys to snap to left/top/right/bottom of current screen

  • set position and/or bounds of selected windows

  • tile the selected windows horizontally or vertically (toggle taskbar must be on for those)

find, move, resize and arrange vvvv windows, and show them in the taskbar

gui window listing all currently opened vvvv windows
list can be filtered by types (patch, renderer, gui and editors)
toggle the ones you fancy to show up in the taskbar
move selected ones via keyboard shortcuts (e.g. '1' to bring lost ones back to the primary screen)
pixelprecise setting position and/or size, inner or outer size (e.g. you want a renderer to be exactly FullHD)
tile selected ones over the current screen 
all gui elements have nice tooltips with usage hints

they will only be active if the GUI window was the last one to have focus. so it shouldn’t be intrusive with actual application shortcuts or other vvvv interaction

when using the Set button and the number boxes for pixel precise settings leaving a box empty keeps that property untouched

tiling only works for windows which show up in the taskbar


the taskbar toggle is not persistant. once you close/hide a window shown in the taskbar and reopen you’ll have to set it again. would require some native vvvv rework to have that.

HDE host gives me no info about the VL editor, so no chance to handle that one.


find the renderer in the list
select it (should be blue then)
enter the desired pixel values in the two textboxes from the right (first two are left/x and top/y)
choose windows for outer bounds or client for inner
press set

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