Second screen problems with directX for JV shows

Hello all,

I know this has come up on other forums but I wanted to know if there have been any recent developments in running vvvv renderes to a projector or second monitor. I am working on a VJ project with a friend and this is causing us no end of trouble. here is our setup

Two laptops:
I am running vvvv
he is running another vj program

Two VGA or HDMI cables into a switching device

Switching device goes into a projector

I have been using the trick were you have to delete your render node and and make a new one and it will render to the projector. This seems rather clunky and archaic. Also, if I try to set the resolution after this, the projector goes black and my computer screen starts strobing on and off.

Any help, suggestions, or insight would be much appreciated. We are preparing a show for the end of the month.


is the switching device active in the way that when your computer is not switched in, it still beleive it is connected to a monitor?

windows is really horrible with loosing connection to the screen and moves the screens around and such so if you loose screen connection when switching to your friends computer, that might be the source of your trouble.

The way to go in that case would be to get an active switcher or a device between your computer and the switcher, that could be a dvi-detective or a matrox dual or triplehead.

I quite often use a triplehead after my computer if I know I will need to switch signal cable or the cablerun to the projector is unstable.

hope it helps