Second mouse

hi everyone

has anyone ever tried to get the raw data of a mouse device into vvvv?

i’d like to use the mouse independently of its use within windows (especially the clamping on the screen’s border is aweful) and also add a second mouse for my left hand.

As far as I know you cant use more than one mouse in windows. Just try to plug a second - it will overwrite the former one. I guess its deep in Windows architecture.
Try the wonderful Spacemouse from 3dconnexion, which you can use as a second mouse device - for 3d navigation or in V4 for whatever you want.

velcrome. did that once with glovepie and it worked. except
some osc glitches…


Try the wonderful Spacemouse from 3dconnexion

hehe, velcrome did a plugin for this…

native multiple mouse support is on the wishlist for ages. anyway it should be possible to use the rawmouse api to create a c# plugin.

the oldschool way is connecting old serial mice. the protocol is quite trivial. just make sure to set the RS232 node to SupplyPower.

the rawmouse api looks promising.

however, to use the api one has to know a hwndTarget - that’s an int identifier for a specific window. and only if that window is active the lib is doing what it’s supposed to do.

since i seem to have no access to the window handle of neither the plugin host nor any other handle kinda fail on this task.

edit: is showing a very similar way to do it with multiple keyboards. by setting some flags they capture all input and identify the keyboard it came from, regardless of the active window.
however, even then a windows handler is needed.

Ohhhhhhhhhh, velcrome did it. Sure. I love my spacemouse. Thanks dude.

why not use the HWND (Windows) node to input the hwndTarget into the plugin?

or why not always use the root windows´ hwndTarget as a default?

if you just need any windows handle wouldn’t it work to just create a window inside the plugin, hide it and use its handle? if the window must be visible…hmm…since there is no always visible root window this could be a problem.

Shouldn´t the upcoming HID-Node support multiple (as much as you can connect) mouses?