Second monitor problems - patches failing when moving render to second monitor

I have had similar problems before, but it has happened again using the ParticlesGPU library and trying to put the display render in the help files onto a second monitor.

This problem is mentioned in that thread and many others

I am wondering if there is an existing thread that discusses the various problems and solutions or workarounds faced when dragging renders to a second screen and subsequently experiencing a patch disfunction.

I dont think this was happening before I upgraded from Vista->7 but cant be sure if that was the case.

Has anyone summarised the extent and types of situations where this arises ?

I have found that making a separate patch for rendering works. Just open the external renderer patch and drag it to your monitor and fullscreen before opening your patch with the shader. Connect with S and R nodes. Good luck…


Sounds like a good idea,
as another example with the newly developed EX9.Texture nodes, do they need to be in the special ‘rendering’ patch

as simple as this ?

Pretty much, yeah.

The shader is happy as long as it doesn’t switch between outputs, so you just set the output before the shader is running.

Try to create the renderer on the screen it should be displayed on and then save.