Searching the site / contributions / tags

Hey evvvveryone,
if I try to find a Pathfinder, I don’t get results. But there is RogueSharp, I found out after ages and only by googling. Nothing helpful in e.g. Forums or anywhere on the site, I think.

How come I don’t even get search results when searching the word “Roguesharp” or “Pathfinding” (which is right there in the description of RogueSharp)? On top of Search it says, “the sites content is only 0% indexed at the moment” and that I should come back later, but this warning is there at least since months, right?

If I go to Contributions and try to search or filter by tags, there’s only 8 tags to choose from, and clicking on “more tags” doesn’t change a thing, at least in Firefox or Edge. But there IS a Pathfinding-tag, I can see that on the RogueSharp contributions page…?

And yes, I know atm RogueSharp is on the first page of the contributions-listing, but that’s not my point…

This whole experience hasn’t been very user-friendy :(

If I just missed something, please tell me and excuse my slightly disappointed tone.

always use google to search the vvvvorums, not the integrated search function. “ roguesharp”. it’s the first hit.

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Yes, I also use Google to do that. :-)

Well, in my opinion the site search should just work. Also don’t use google.


you’re definitely touching a pain-point here. the old search is irreparably broken. instead you now have to go to different places to search content. we just added the currently official entry points to search to the menu:

for the gamma and beta pages you’ll find a search box in the top right corner of those pages.

we’re also currently in the process to moving contributions to a new place which will be searchable again. please just bear with us for a bit more.

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Regarding the search on the website, I just noticed that it only displays 5 results. Isn’t there a way to also have a page that displays all search results?

Also would be great for the Gray Book - currently all results are shown in this popover, but would be also nice to have them displayed on a page, with a little preview of the content. Is something like this planned?

i’m afraid there is no full page option at this point. and as helpful as it indeed would be, we haven’t planned it short term but will defenitely want this longterm.