Searching L A R G E midi-faderbox

as stated in title i am searching a L A R G E faderbox for use with vvvv.
maybe midi, maybe not.
i want something around 32 or more “real” hardware faders, preferrably 100mm length (Penny&Giles or ALPS).

no touchscreen-lemur-whatever.

can somebody recommend something?

i presume finished&buyable, not DIY?

yyyyaaahhhhh, i would prefer a finished product.

but i don’t have problems about thinking DIY or Custommade.

already found the which is quite promising.

but since 2 weeks i am living in italy and i still don’t know a good,cheap,CNC-metallworker, who makes me a highquality case for the price of some beers…

also thought about aligning 4 BFC-2000 or so.

have you looked at the project?

Some years I looked at the products from JL. Cooper. I never bothered contacting them because it looked too expensive but I actually don’t know the price of them.

if they are not too expensive you should be able to put together a controller that will suit your needs:


hum… why dont you buy a dmx lighting manual board ?

or wings from enttec // ( ethernet or midi ) ? (

or zero wings:

As for DIY I’m messing around with making my own arduino based controller atm and thinking about making some more in the future. While you can probably get away much cheaper than buying something commercial it does take a lot of time and buying some good faders will still not be all that cheap.

An arduino-board with some multiplexing would certainly work for your needs. A more costly DIY option is buying parts from here, , I haven’t tried but it seems like it would save a lot of time and hassle vs. an arduino solution.