Search broken

search seems broken since ages/weeks

it is embarrassing indeed. i can only say it is top on the list of todos for when webmaster is back on duty… to the rescue …

this also:
if i search for instnace “line” and mark only on forum
i’m getting also links like:

“Line (EX9.Geometry)
… Draws a line of given vertices. FAQ The Line node uses spreads for generating a line point by point, but how i have to …
Node Reference - dave - 14/12/2014 - 01:33 - 0 comments”

which has nothing to do with a forum.
think i had some struggle finding something rather old and had same name as module or node name…

As long as its broken you can use google custom search:

Mind that i have submitted openSearch plugIns for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome for vvvv and for vvvv nodes.
Unfortunately, for now the search string for the latter has to match the exact documentation page name of the node, e.g. writer-(string). While i got used to that quickly, this can be optimized “when webmaster is back on duty…”
so long,
::keep calm ::
::and patch on::
::[: – )](: – ))::

hey there is a bunch of us who knows how to start an Apache Solr service …

Sorry for the delay, busy times over here. Search is back up and indexing as we speak. Let me know if you have any other problems (as soon as the index is rebuilt of course : ) ).