Seamless switching between two PCs

I need to feed projector input alternately with two different PCs outputs.
can someone tell me if there is on market PORTABLE seamless switcher? VGA or DVI?
I know usually such devices are dealing with scaling= video processing=cooling=fan etc. and therefore 19-inch rack size. I dont need any scaling, what I would like to have is nice, accurate switching between two identical signal (resolution & frequency)…and i am too old to carry 19-inch rack.
switching with my Belkin VGA switcher i have 2 sec. time out
my Gefen DVI switcher has 4 sec. interruption
in advance thanks for any hints.

hehe, perfectly understand that.

Suggestion Nr.1:
let some younger guys carry your racks

Suggestion Nr.2:
Assuming that at least one of those PCs runs vvvv:
why not use a grabber card to get/mix the 2nd PC ??

How about a device like this one: as far as I understand it is the one that Toby is basing his DVI mixer project on (only the gods know when it will be available for us to buy):

I believe you can switch on the device itself, as well control it via RS232 from inside VVVV. Via Serial you should also be able to control the more advanced features like blends and keys.

@sunep: afaik tobys videomixer is nothing more than a glorified fadecontroller for said tvone device. (so it should be a totally doable project for experienced arduino guys) please correct me if i am wrong… ;)


This product switches real time :

I know that it is a 19’'Rack but really slim and light. (1.4 kg)
Could be scripted via vvvv for switching.
But price is high (750 €)


We will have one quite soon btw if you need specific feedback

The advantage of the tv-one device over the black magic one is that the tv-one will accept non broadcast resolutions, meaning it will work with triplehead resolutions.

Thanks for all replies
@ kalle
Nr.1 young guys having to many questions and i am so far to give all answers
Nr.2 I’m for 2 autonomous PCs: e.g. second one is running as separate BACK-UP (although multipurpose toolkit never crashes:-)
TV one’s looks good: pretty small 30x200x90mm, but 700 US quite proud price for switching
well… i think for permanent installation it would be elegant and cheapest solution, but not for touring and changing venues. you can’t program, check and test it without having access to local projectors; + RS232 signal distribution to every projector?
thanks for link, but i find it’s still to big as pure switching solution in the Ultrabooks era

hum… DiMiX, i think you should take a pass for body building house, and dispite your great age ( believe Uncle Kalle) , i dont think you will get a professionnal HDMi switcher except rackables ones:

wich are, yes, something heavy ( Again).

maybe this kind of udg bag could take everyone in the box ?

I have the 17 inch laptop UDG bag, it can contains 2 laptop 15inchs + 1 ultra portable + cables and midi ( little) accessories.

But i will not walk one hour or two with it on the back, thats sure!!!

hi karistouf, thanks for UDG challenge. looks like i need a lot of anabolika…before i buy 19’’ devices.

brouuuuu… i m really scared !!! ;-)

i think with that one you can get 5(!) leafs menu out of vvvv

i m not sure that body building and designing/programming are two things compatible… ;-)

body religion or vvvv religion ? pfiou…

for seamless switching more-than-PAL resolutions 700USD is a nice price. look at what an edirol 440HD costs…
@tv-one: RS232 only has to go to the switcher, not the projectors. programming resolutions beforehand is possible afaik. for testing you only need a vga monitor, i don’t get what you mean about tour&testing?
with you can control with software (and even midi I think)

alternative: build some kind of mini-PC with 2 capture cards in it? but this probably won’t be cheaper, will be bigger and less reliable…