Scrolling Video with mouse movement

hey you all,

I am working on a project, where I want to change the screen with mouse movement. My idea was a video, where i can scroll the time to create the movement. Basically it works, but i have a few things I just don’t get.

So I hope you can have a look at it, here are my problems:

  • only .mpg really works, and just when i code it in mpeg1., But my resolution has to be 1080x1920, so portrait mode. But I am not that good with codecs, so probally i forgot something. How do I import codecs to vvvv?

  • I want the monitor to be able to calibrate, when I hit a certain key. (monitor with mouse is moving and I think it could be a problem over time. So I need a key that can change the position of the mouse. I tried a few things, but the mouse position always jumped back to its original position when I move the mouse again.

  • At the moment the “Do seek” is not quite fancy. Is there a better way to let get a bang in a defined intervall?

Thanks for your help in advance.


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hi maiko, the patch is not uploaded. can you upload it again?

@codecs: how about using Player(texture) for image sequences ?