Scrolling text


I’d like to make a simple patch witch scrolling text that would calculate text size and use the width of the text so that everytime I change the text (length) all text would scroll to an end and start at beginning.

How can this be done?

I suspect I should use map range node and text width variable…

See my current patch attached.

Many thanks for help

scrolling-text.v4p (3.0 kB)

GlyphInfo (String) will output the text size. also the text node itself has an output for its size i think…

Yes, output of text size is currently 300 - I don’t know how to map this value with range so that all text will show on slide.

it seems that the text size always outputs the same value, its not meant for that purpose. you need the glyph info, see patch:

scrolling-text.v4p (9.2 kB)

Thanks for help.

Do you have any idea why I cant enter čšž characters, although I set character encoding to UTF8 ?

One more thing…

How can I do the same trick with Text texture?

See my current attempt - I have no idea how to get text x cordinate calculation, so that the whole text would show up in the grid…

Thanks for help again

scrolling-texttexture.v4p (11.5 kB)

bump?.. no text …

well, i already explained it to you, its the same as before. please try to understand the patches people build for you before you post the same question again.

scrolling-texttexture.v4p (12.1 kB)


I was a little confused with the width (size) connection which is different with the text texture node…

So when using glyph info for text texture you dont need size info?