Scrolling text

Hi everyone,

I’m developing an app and I’m stuck. Basically I’m using the new Windows touch node to create a touch application. The application goes like this:

When you click a picture a panel pops up with informations on it…

My issues are two: On the panel I want to show a document which is 1400 words and obviously it can’t fit on the panel so I was planning to develop something like a scroll bar or something that will move the text and show up the next part. That’s one

The other one which I think is something easy but I can’t figure it out is that when the panel shows up I want to have “touch” buttons on it but it seems that when I click on the panel it triggers up the hittest that is behind it…How I’m going to say to vvvv when the panel is up don’t trigger up the hittest behind?


I’ve attached the patch.

Panathinaikos VVVV.7z (15.0 MB)

Looks nice, good job, but without a proper touch screen, most of can not really help you.

The hittest thing should be as simple as: if you hit the Picture AND the Red Dot (panel?) than NOT use the hittest for the Picture. So a AND (boolean) and NOT (boolean), and than switch the outcome of the Hittest to something useless.

For the Scrolling text, not sure what you are asking, perhaps look at the helpfile for the Text (EX9), the billboard example.

Since you need to format the lines yourself, you can also figure out how many lines you have, so you can make it lock on a line. But not sure what you are asking.

TextScroller.v4p (30.7 kB)

Hittest problem solved with the help of Hadasi…

Now I have to figure out the scrolling thing…the patch you have attached seems to be the one I need…I will test it and I will post my results…

Thanks a lot for your help WestBam