Scrolling text - movie credits

has anyone created a patch that handles a large amount of text - say from a HTML or xml file… and had that text scroll across the screen like the end of a motion pictre?

willing to share?

I have about 1000 names I need to scroll in a text area… ultimately across 4 monitors arranged in a 2x2 grid.


see help pach of the About (VVVV) node! there you go!

david… very cool… how can i edit/change the contents of the about node? the text doesn’t seem editable in its current form.

The text is just a STRING, that about node is soemthing made by the vvvv devs, we can’t change it.

What YOU could to do is, just put all the names in a big Textfile, like NAMES.TXT (you can do that with notepad) and than use a Reader (file) node, do the mapping a bit different (cozz your list is longer or shorter) and you can do the same.

You can also use some kind off XML so you can have special code like BOLD and stuff (but that is a bit harder)

The 2x2 grid is something hardware, google VideoWall, many ways to do this depanding on your budget. (scanconverter with zooming, some LCD screens have videowall function, or a professional processor). To do this with only your computer, you need 4 outputs and vvvv (and that also can be done many ways) but again, that is more something for the hardware forum.

basic example, but it can be soo much cooler if you took your time, use some DX9 fx etc… ;) (4.2 kB)

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