Screenshot doesn't capture mouse cursor

I’m using the node screenshot to capture a desktop, I would like to project this desktop with some zoom or effects but is not this the question.
For me is essential to capture also the mouse cursor but is not showed up, is visible only when is not showed the default arrow, eg. when is over a text area.

I’m using the last VVVV release with an Ausus N750J laptop, with NVidia Geforce 750M with 344.48 drivers and Windows 8.1 fully up to date.

Thank you very much.

i am afraid that is how windows captures a screenshot. you’ll have to add that yourself.

so is about windows 8?

perdon?.. no text …

I’m asking if is a windows 8 behaviour but now I understand no.
But now I’m confused, is the pin Show Cursor in the screenshot-(ex9.texture) useless?

ah, forgot about that pin. and indeed it works for me. just tested on win7 and win8.1. it basically just manually draws the cursor on top of the screenshot image we get from windows.

mmm, on my windows 8.1 machine it doesn’t works…

How can I debug this for you devvvvs?

no idea really. can you try on a different pc? or what about the workaround where you just take the texture then add a quad with a cursor-texture on top of it at the position of the mouse?

Hey man, screencapture generally is best done outside vvvv, using “video game” video screengrabbing software like FRAPS (probably the best one) or BANDICAM, who both let you grab a cursor (the software adds a cursor). Joreg is right it’s a windows thing, screengrabbing on windows ignores the cursor, you have to put it yourself later, which is what these softwares do…Or wait there is a much better solution:

BETTER SOLUTION: Use a device called AVERMEDIA LIVE GAMER PORTABLE, which is what I do and it’s fucking amazing. It plugs into hdmi & usb and it’s a simple device with a record button, it basically records HD 1080P 60mbps onto your computer without cpu usage, it’s pretty much non obtrusive to vvvv so you won’t exeprience frame rate loss, It’s really incredible because problem with software screengrabbing or vvvv screengrabbing is it will consume processing power, this doesn’t. It also has a “record on sd-card” mode, with sd-card slot then you don’t have to plug into usb of your comp just hdmi output, this records on the sd-card instead but then quality drops to 720p 20mbps. Bought this device for £80 and never looked back…

Anyway hope it helps. Peace

Ok, I’ll try on a different PC, I would like to be sure it works everywhere, also on mine, but ok.

The problem with the fake mouse cursor is that it will not act as the real mouse, is for a performance and I need true behaviors.

@evvvvil I know FRAPS et simila but I don’t need it, I need a realtime screencapture, I have to project the desktop and being able to do some zoom, effects, other, in realtime.

On a laptop Asus X71SL - Windows 7 - nVidia Geforce 9300M GS the cursor is visible…
So is a problem of the Windows8.1 laptop.
Who can guess the bug? :)