Yo. Sebls screencapture experiments made me curious and I stumbled upon:

There is an example on how to use it in WPF applications:

The project uses (among others) the following package:
NuGet Gallery | Microsoft.Windows.SDK.Contracts 10.0.19041.1-preview.vb-release

Wanted to take a peek in Gamma. While installing / referencing works nothing shows up in the nodebrowser. Any ideas?

The Microsoft sample:
ScreenCapture.7z (264.7 KB)


here’s the experiment which uses the nuget
screencapture.vl (12.8 KB)

and this is the windows standard method (which is much slower):
Screeeeenshot.vl (16.2 KB)
i reach ~30fps with both implementations

is this thing only for UWP Apps?

maybe have a look a t this repo:´

indeed this capturing works really nice and fast. for testing, you can run the sample i linked and have a look. much faster and nicer thatn the 2 approaches i patched quickly as proof of concepts.
it even works so well and the framerate is so high, that i can imagine this could replace fraps et al at some point.

having a closer look:
i don’t see a way to reference the Windows.Graphics.Capture assembly.
This does work fine in c# (.net framework) when referencing Microsoft.Windows.SDK.Contracts, but not in vl.
investigating that nuget, is seems there isn’t dlls inside, but for example files like this:
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\.nuget\packages\\10.0.18362.2002-preview\ref\netstandard2.0\Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract.winmd and vl doesn’t like that.

so, i think we need the devvvvs shining some light on this.

workaround would be to wrap that stuff in c#, of course. that ScreenCapture Sample would be a good start with everything needed inside.

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The nuget page states:

The Windows 10 WinRT API Pack enables you to add the latest Windows Runtime APIs support to your .NET Framework 4.6+ and .NET Core 3.0+ libraries and apps.

That’s exactly what I linked in my post ;)

You can find a compiled version in the 7zip I attached above.

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oh, sorry… i was just following your first link and somehow missed the second one.

i found a slightly different nuget (10.0.18362.2005 seems to be the actual stable one) and also tried to reference it but then the .winmd thing came up.

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