Screen-Space Edge Bevel in Stride?

I came across this shader that is available for Unity that can bevel edges in realtime. How hard would it be to port something like this to VL to use with Stride? Does something like this already exist? Would it even be possible?

Seems like some clever trick on bluring normals by depthbuffer reconstruction, i guess that could be added to stride postfx if we have successful implementation in beta (3.9 KB)

Here my tester, shame did’t had more time


Well, that already looks pretty promising. I’ll check it out and maybe we can get this even better with some paid support. Would you be up for that @antokhio? It just adds so much realism!

Hi, i’m ok to port that in stride, but we need to sort the algorithm first, from example he does some cleaver stuff with edges of an object… I’m not sure if he uses an edge detection, but to be honest I have no clue where to move from this point…

The problem are the edges, guessing you need to correct color texture to match moded normals somehow, since there are pixels behind the chamfered sides and they are not in depth buffer

Thoughts were to make blur normals that works by xyz world splace to have more control…

Second thought was to make edge detection and then somehow grow edges, and blur them…

But would be good to have some suggestions so we can move it…

Sure. So there is no way to look into their shader and see how they did it? I know too little about Unity and Shaders to know if that would be possible. Alternatively, Psychose Interactive, who have created it, actually have a discord server where we could find out more: Psychose Interactive That would be step 1 I guess.

here they have it also

And here is pretty promising too

And there is full implementation :)


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