Screen borders in wrap mode

Well, dunno if its a bug or the regular wrap behavior but look…If i set my texture to wrap then on both top and left screen borders you’ll see a one pixel(maybe more) line appears sometimes (= the screen space is a bit to tiny there,so you can see the right and bottom sides of the respectively wrapped left and top texture)…Know what i mean? look closer you’ll see :)
Ok it isn’t so visible in this patch but sometimes it becomes really annoying…How to avoid this? (4.1 kB)

Ok, it’s the same with a quad and the address node set to wrap on it…so its not a shader issue but more a general vvvv addressing behavior…maybe filtering will help…Any hints?(other than scaling the renderer a bit more) :)

Okay, after resizing (scale 1.61) simple node I see it, too.
But I have no idea or hint for you. Looks really like some deeper issues.