Screen blinking on alt+enter fullscreen

I am seeing a strange problem when I have two monitors running my patches. I know the trick to build your renderer on the monitor that you want to have your patch showing on, but when I alt+enter to get to full screen, my second screen goes black and my main screen, the one with the patch on it, starts flashing on and off (desktop to black)

I am on a windows7 hp laptop with a radeon card.

Any insight on this issue would be a huge help. Also if any knows how to get rid of the top bar in windows when you 2x click that would also fix the issue as that works fine I just have that annoying bar on top.


do you have anti-aliasing enabled in fullscreen?
At least it lets my screen flashing when iam on intel hd card.


also check refresh rate and vsync settings for each monitor.

regarding the bar, hit ctrl+8.
removes window border and the bar (hope that´s what you meant)