Scaling FFT node spread count band width

It would be really valuable to be able to manually change the band width of the spread count bands supplied by the FFT node. For instance, instead of a spread count of 8 resulting in equal eighths along the spectrum from 0 to 22k, I could use a multiplier to change how the bands scale into one another.

Does anyone know of a way to do this?

Could you post an example what you want to do?

If You make a FFT (Dshow9 4Channels), it is a module, so if you right click on that, you can see how the 4 bands where selected, so you can do something equal to get 8 bands. The trick is the values that go to the I (spreads).

Also have a look at the FFT examples in the Next Generation girlpower folder in the vvvv45beta30.2 download, there are a lot of explanations regarding the topic.