Scaleable Display Manager vs. Scaleable Atlas

hi all,

I am evaluating different options for a sphere (outside) mapping. Scalable suggested using “Scalable Atlas” instead of their “Screen manager” for my usecase, I did some calibrations, exported the pl files and loaded them using the (preview) nuget.

To me it seems as if those “scaleable meshes” represent distortion and edgeblending for a virtual camera in my scene, and should be applied on the corresponding projector output IRL.

I am just looking for an easy way to map my 2D equirectangular Texture onto my globe. Is this somehow doable with my calibration, or is Atlas just not supported?

Wanted to give this nuget a try and post some feedback. Great to see you implemented one for vioso and scaleable =)

Scalable Atlas is indeed not supported yet in VL.ScalableDisplay 1.0.1 but it is on the todo list. If you need this prioritized, please get in touch.

seems your nuget is indeed compatible to scalable atlas!

go to advanced options:

add this line:

load the exported *.ol files with the gamma nuget, and use “stride background”. An orthographic camera seems to make no difference in the final render, just the background works fine.


i cannot really follow, but if it works for you, great!
(the quick test i made with their atlas-demo files didn’t work out of the box and needed some tweaking on our end, but maybe i oversaw something. still didn’t find the time to review and updat the nuget accordingly)