i would like to do a camera pull in space. from the earth, backwards, past the moon, out of the solar sytem, out of the galaxy, etc.

eg. (7:45 -> end)!

my question is whether vvvv could cope with the scale, as i would like to move through it in real-time.

does anyone have any thoughts on this? tricks to pull? or is this best left to my pre-rendered 3d / composited videos?

Just to pull the camera in space is easy but the challenge is to composite all the elements in 3d space and organize for your ride. It can be very tricky to understand where is what and maybe the dust cloud and lens flare is important. This is definitely possible paying attention to detail, patience and hard work… but if you want easier way then you shall consider after effects and export as video and only control the playback realtime.

One way to do this is with a LookAt (Transform) to your Renderer’s View transform and a Cartesian node to set the Length (distance) of your camera position.

One idea about such movements is simply to fake perspective by scaling elements in addition to moving them. Looks funny viewed from the side, but after all it only has to look right from the direction you are moving in.