Saving VL patches from 37.1a in 38.1b broke them


i am facing issues when saving older VL files with newer versions. I created those VL patches with the 37.1a. I mainly work with OpenCV…

They broke when i opened and saved them with 38.1a iirc.

VVVV.tracking.tracking_008.vl and VVVV.tracking.tracking_009.vl are broken, VVVV.tracking.tracking_008_.vl can be opened still…

(edit: removed patch files since irrelevant)

okay… here is a broken one from 38.1b now…
(edit: removed patch files since irrelevant)

adding a file dependency for example through Ctrl+R causes the trouble i think. Even an empty template cannot be opened afterwards.

okay i think i found the error…

VVVV.Value.test01.vl (1.5 KB)

this is an empty template with a dependency… in the .vl file VL adds some characters infront of the path which breaks absolute paths to the dependency and causes it to not load correctly…
in this line:
DocumentDependency Id=“RIRBI2URA45QdSya1fib9I” Location="./C:/VVVV/_dev/vvvv_50beta38.1_x64/lib/packs/VL.Devices.uEye.develop/VL.Devices.uEye.vl"

changing it to:
DocumentDependency Id=“RIRBI2URA45QdSya1fib9I” Location=“C:/VVVV/_dev/vvvv_50beta38.1_x64/lib/packs/VL.Devices.uEye.develop/VL.Devices.uEye.vl”

(removing the . and / infront of the path)
makes the patch usable again

okay… this is completly unrelated to the new version.

my problem is caused by having my patch files on a network resource and having my VVVV locally with the libraries that i want to reference to in my patch.

so my patch is on:


my VVVV is on:


and the lib that i want to manually add in VL is in:


referencing the lib from my patch that is on the network leads to mentioned error in the document dependency where my absolute local path gets a ./ infront of it:


Do you have recommendations or best practises on how to work with VVVV over the network possibly with multiple people working on it? Just put everything on the network or keep it completly local? How to handle Versioning?

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