Saving to .avi?

maybe i’m missing something really simple here, or maybe it’s not implemented, but how do i save the rendered output to a .avi (or other movie) format file?

Use ampops non real time filewriter to write a sequence of pictures or use a directx screencatpure tool.

have a look at screencapture tools at this page:

and if you use ampops Writer (EX9.Texture NRT).v4p (which is included in the vvvv release) and save all the frames as .jpg files, the following easy freeware tool creates the .avi for you:

maybe this is also interesting:


Thanks to you all for your suggestions. I’ve started using EX9.Texture NRT and it does the job fine (minus the sound of course) Some of the video screen grabber programs look good too, but at the moment I’m stuck for cash so maybe something I’ll look into later.

Hopefully someone will develop a module that can write a .avi, with sound, stright to disc and eliminate the need to use another prog to convert .jpg files.