Saving docked windows doesn't work properly


  1. Make a main patch, save it, close it and reopen it
  2. Make as subpatch by ctrl+shift+P and save it
  3. Make another subpatch by ctrl+shift+P and save it
  4. Alt drag the second sub patch onto the first subpatch to dock it
  5. Go to the main patch and save it
  6. Close vvvv (alt + F4)
  7. reopen the main patch
  8. the sub-patches are no longer docked

how can you dock such patches?

EDIT: beta35.5 x64
it would be nice to have a fix so the workshop files for node17 files can be docked

i guess this bug is as old as vvvv. ;)

after docking you need to resize the root patch a little bit and then save. the docking should persist now. is this working ?

Yes, That does the trick… I don’t think I will mark it as a solution though

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